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Corporate Credit Rating Systems: Design, Development, Calibration and Validation

Detailed Programme

Sovereign Credit Risk

Detailed Programme

Bank Asset-Liability Management

Detailed Programme

Reform of Interest Rate Benchmarks: Transition to a World without IBORs

Detailed Programme

Comprehensive Securities Operations

Detailed Programme

OTC Derivatives, Collateral Management and EMIR

Detailed Programme

Foreign Exchange Markets Masterclass

Detailed Programme

The Basel Consolidated Framework

Detailed Programme

Financial Risk Management - Methods, Tools, Principles and Regulation

Detailed Programme

Factor Investing: Concepts, Insights and Applications

Detailed Programme

Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book

Detailed Programme

Central Counterparty Clearing

Detailed Programme

Bank Capital Management - Capital Planning, Fund Transfer Pricing and RAROC

Detailed Programme

Interest Rate Products - Mechanics, Pricing and Applications

Detailed Programme

Interest Rate Risk Hedging Workshop

Detailed Programme

Counterparty Credit Risk

Detailed Programme

Advanced Corporate Finance Update

Advanced Corporate Valuation

Advanced Corporate Valuation Workshop

Advanced Credit Risk Modelling and Management

Advanced Currency Options

Advanced Excel™ Workshop 1 - Yield Curve Estimation and Principal Components Analysis

Advanced Excel™ Workshop 2 - Monte Carlo Simulations, Value-at-Risk and Option Pricing

Advanced Financial Mathematics Workshop

Advanced Fixed Income Products: Convertibles, Inflation-Linked and Option-Embedded Bonds

Advanced Interest Rate Models and their Practical Applications

Advanced IRB Approach - Maintaining Models, Validation and Re-calibration

Advanced IRB Approach - Scorecard Development, PD, LGD and EAD Modelling

Advanced IRB Modelling

Advanced Operational Risk Workshop

Advanced Portfolio Analytics: Performance Appraisal, Risk Measurement and Attribution

Advanced Solvency II Workshop

Advanced Structured Products - Volatility and Multi-Underlying Structures

Advanced Swaps - Pricing, Trading and Risk Management

Advanced Trade Finance

Advanced Value-at-Risk

Alternative Investments: from Alpha-Rich Portfolios to Adaptive Risk Overlays

Asset Securitization - ABS, CDOs and CBOs

Asset Securitization - Structures and Risk Management in the Current Regulatory Environment

Basel II - Executive Overview

Basel II - Measuring and Managing Credit Risk under the Enhanced Framework

Basel III - Executive Overview

Basel III Workshop - Framework, Implementation and Risk Management Implications

BCBS 239 Compliance - Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting Framework

Behavioural Finance - Market Impact and Investment Applications

Best Practice in Operational Risk Management with Dr. Ariane Chapelle

Black-Litterman Asset Allocation Workshop

Bond Analysis

Bond Analysis - Level I

Bond Analysis - Level II

Bracing for Impact of IFRS 9: Impairment Principles, ECL Framework and Requirements

Cash Management - Methodologies and Strategies

CFA® Level I Crash Course

CFA® Level II Crash Course

CFA® Level III Crash Course

Collateral Management - New Regulations, Operational Challenges and Collateral Optimisation

Commercial Property Valuation

Commercial Real Estate Finance

Commodities and Commodity Markets - Trading, Investing and Risk Management

Commodity and Energy Markets - Trading, Derivatives and Risk Management

Competitive Strategies for Treasury Sales - Exercise and Role-playing Workshop

Compliance for Banks - Regulatory Structure, Rules and Requirements

Corporate Banking: Client Relationship Management

Corporate Banking: Products, Strategies and Trends

Corporate Bonds - Analysis, Valuation and Portfolio Management

Corporate Credit Risk - Analysis, Modelling, Mitigation and Control

Corporate Strategic Management

Corporate Treasury Management

Corporate Valuation

Credit and Counterparty Risk Management

Credit Derivatives, Synthetic Securitization and Hybrids

Credit Derivatives: Mechanics, Analysis, Applications and Risk Management

Credit Portfolio Management

Credit Risk Management - Basel II and Beyond

Credit Scoring with R

Debt Finance, Valuation of Distressed Debt and Restructuring

Digital Banking: FinTech Innovations, Digital Transition and Mobile Money

Economic Capital Allocation Workshop

Economic Capital, Fund Transfer Pricing and RAROC

Economic Indicators and their Impacts on Financial Markets

Enterprise Risk Management

Equity Analysis and Investments Strategies

Exchange Traded Funds - Structures, Mechanics and Investment Applications

Exotic Options - Pricing, Hedging and Applications

Extreme Value Theory

Fair Value Accounting - IAS 39 and FASB 133

Financial Derivatives - Applications Workshop

Financial Derivatives - Instruments, Mechanics and Markets

Financial Derivatives - Warm Up

Financial Engineering - Tools and Applications

Financial Instruments and Markets

Financial Modelling in Microsoft® Excel®

Financial Modelling Workshop - Analysis, Measurement and Valuation

Financial Risk Manager Crash Review Course

Financial Technology - Systems and Implementations

Financial Time Series - Analysis, Modelling and Applications

FinTech: Understanding the Rise of Innovative Financial Startups

Fixed Income - Trading, Investing and Hedging

Fixed Income Mathematics

FOREX and Money Market Instruments

FRAs, Swaps and Interest Rate Options

Fraud Risk Management

Fund Structuring and Product Development in Asset Management

Fundamental Review of the Trading Book

Fundamentals of Behavioral Finance

Fundamentals of Swaps - Mechanics, Pricing and Applications

Funds Transfer Pricing

Futures and Options - Markets, Analysis and Applications

Futures and Options - Mechanics and Markets

Futures and Options - Pricing Workshop

Global Asset Allocation and Risk Budgeting

Hedge Accounting under IFRS

Hedge Funds for the Advanced Financial Professional

High Yield Bonds - Markets, Analysis, Investment Strategies and Risk Management

IFRS 9 - The New Standard, Classification, Impairment and Implementation Challenges

Index Investing - Index Funds, ETF’s, Synthetics and Index Certificates

Integrated Financial Risk Management

Interest Rate and FX Risk Hedging Workshop

Interest Rate Risk Management

Internal Capital Planning - Risk Governance, Capital Policy and Capital Preservation

International Bank Ratings - The Rating Agencies’ Methodologies

International Capital Markets

Investment Analysis in Microsoft Excel: Risk/Return Calculations and Portfolio Management

Investment Management - Asset Allocation, Portfolio Construction and Risk Budgeting

Investment Management Workshop

Investment Management: Asset Allocation, Portfolio Construction and Dynamic Strategies

Investment Risk Analytics - Concepts and Applications

Investment Strategies for Low-Yield Environment

Liquidity Risk Management - LCR, NSFR, Stress Testing and Liquidity Pricing

Liquidity Risk Management - Supervisory Requirements and Industry Practice

Liquidity Risk Management and Cross Currency Funding Risks with Dr. Robert Fiedler

Managing Derivatives Risk

Managing Inflation Risk: Linkers, Derivatives Applications and Portfolio Strategies

Market Risk - Measurement, Mitigation and Compliance

Measuring and Managing Operational Risk

Mergers & Acquisitions and Leveraged Buyouts Modelling Workshop

MiFID - Executive Overview

Model Risk Management - Best Practices

Monte Carlo - Methodologies and Applications for Pricing and Risk Management

Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Management Masterclass

Option Pricing and Risk Analysis - PC Modelling Workshop

Performance Measurement and Attribution Analysis

Pricing and Using Swaps and Interest Rate Options under the New Market Paradigms

Private Banking - Client Relationship Management and Communication Skills

Private Banking - Innovative Business Strategies and Operational Model Development

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Private Wealth Management: Financial Planning, Investment Solutions & Goal Based Investing

Project Finance

Project Finance Modelling Workshop

PSD2 and API Banking: Getting Ready for the Challenge

Quantitative Risk Measurement 1: Value-at-Risk, Monte Carlo Simulations and Stress Testing

Quantitative Risk Measurement 2: Multivariate Statistics and Extreme Value Modelling

Quantitative Risk Measurement: Value-at-Risk, Expected Shortfall, EVT and MC Simulation

Real Estate Valuation

Recent and Future Trends in the Financial Industry - Institutions, Infrastructure and Regulation

Recent Developments in Financial Risk Management

Reputational Risk Management

Risk Management and Capital Allocation in Financial Institutions

Risk-Based Investment Strategies: Smart Beta, Robust Risk Parity and Risk Budgeting

Sovereign Risk Management - Default Risk, Debt Restructuring and Investment Impacts

Stock Markets and Stock Analysis

Stress Testing - Principles, Regulation and Practical Use in Risk Management

Structured and Leveraged Finance

Structured Products - Construction, Applications, Risks and Regulation

Structured Products - PC Workshop

Term Structure Modelling and Interest Rate Option Pricing

The Bank Treasury Function - Skills, Tools, Organization and Controls

The Blockchain is Coming to Banking

The Energy Workshop - Oil & Gas Markets, Power Trading and Energy Supply Chain

The New Principles of Internal Audit in Banks

Trading Book Risk Management: Stressed VaR, Exp. Shortfall, Incremental Risk Charge & CVA

Treasury Management

Treasury Products - Money and FX Markets, Derivatives and Structured Solutions

Trends in Marketing of Financial Services

Vanilla Options - Mechanics, Analysis and Strategies

Volatility and Correlation - Trading and Risk Management

Yield Curve Construction, Modelling and Applications Workshop

Yield Curves - Construction, Modelling and Applications