Alastair Day
Alastair is a finance professional with extensive experience of modelling, corporate finance and leasing. Alastair was previously a director of a start-up leasing company, which was later sold to a public company.

Later, Alastair established Systematic Finance as an independent lessor and consultancy where he conducts consulting and contracting assignments on finance and modelling. Past projects have included aircraft leasing, investment, debt restructuring, valuation and project finance models for a variety of clients. Alastair designs and delivers courses covering financial modelling, credit analysis and equipment leasing. He is the author of modelling textbooks such as Mastering Financial Modelling, Mastering Risk Modelling, Mastering Cash Flow and Valuation Modelling and Mastering Financial Mathematics in Excel together with a number of leasing and credit books.

Alastair has a degree in German and Economics from London University and an MBA. He has held positions as an associate lecturer at the OUBS and the ifs School of Business (Chartered Institute of Bankers).
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